Flooding from tropical storm has cars getting stuck across South Florida

Many drivers did not heed the warnings and decided to plow their way through the high waters along Biscayne Boulevard on Saturday.

Car after car was stalled out in high waters having drivers ruin their cars, and perhaps endangering their safety.

Not only were the roads flooded by the rain, but some of the train tracks in the downtown area as well.

A cell phone video was recorded from one of the high rises overlooking Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami where you can see the water almost covering up the tracks entirely.

One of the lieutenants with the City of Miami Fire Rescue said they’ve been out all night and all morning, surveying the roads and making sure drivers are not stuck.

“We’ve had about 125 storm-related calls. A lot of them have to do with cars being stuck in the water. We’ve put into play our high water vehicles, we have 8 right now in service. Firefighters and paramedics coming around to aid you if you are stuck in the water and get you out of danger. Just please wait until the authorities let you know it’s safe to go out. The waters are starting to subside, but there is still some rain, so just have patients and we can do our job to make sure that everyone is safe,” LT. Pete Sanchez said.

The message that local officials want to get out is for residents not to drive on the roads on Saturday, so you don’t endanger your car or your own life.

Weather in Brickell is mild, but flooding is still severe.

The same kind of flooding and car stall outs happened in Brickell on Saturday as well.

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