Former Hollywood police officer on trial over battery testifies in Broward court

Former Hollywood Police officer Matthew Barbieri testified on Wednesday in Broward County court.

Surveillance video recorded on Aug. 6, 2019, shows Barbieri smacking Raymond Schachner, Jr., who was in handcuffs after his father called 911 to report his son was using drugs and acting erratically.

Barbieri, who is facing a misdemeanor battery charge, said he had responded to another 911 call at the home and was familiar with Schachner. He said this time he found him naked in the bathroom.

“He threw a bag of heroin into the sink and grabbed a syringe with his right hand and that’s why you see me put my hand on my gun,” Barbieri said adding, “I want to protect myself.”

The video also shows Schachner shouting at Barbieri.

“Wait a minute! Nobody gave you permission to search the house! There’s no warrant! No nothing! There’s no permission!”

Officer Diante Roots ordered Schachter to “Shut the [expletive] up!”

Schacher suffered a minor cut to his forehead, police said. Records show the video also recorded Barbieri saying, “I’m going to have to say that he was kicking.”

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