Hallandale Beach shooting not road rage, but gunman trying to make ‘citizen’s arrest’

Video obtained exclusively by Local 10 News showed an apparent shooting following a road rage incident in Hallandale Beach on May 3 and now police have identified the man who fired those shots.

The video, obtained by Local 10 News reporter Rosh Lowe, showed a chaotic scene as a man pointed a gun and fired multiple shots amid a throng of vehicles stopped at a traffic light at Hallandale Beach Boulevard.

“The light was red. Then I was there. And one guy in the middle of the street with a gun like this, pop!” a witness told Local 10 News. “(It was) absolutely scary.”

Police said Dwayne Wilkinson told them he was trying to enact a “citizen arrest.”

It all started when Wilkinson reported his motorcycle stolen from his apartment complex in Hallandale Beach.

Wilkinson told police that he thought he saw it in the back of a U-Haul truck the next day, telling police he, “was able to clearly see that the motorcycle cover resembled his,” down to the detail.

Police said he then carjacked a Mercedes Benz to follow the U-Haul truck. When he caught up with the truck, witnesses said he blocked in the U-Haul and fired a shot, leaving one person from the U-Haul taking cover before reportedly being shot twice.

According to the police report, Wilkinson “was not intending to hurt the occupants of the U-Haul but wanted to effect a ‘citizen’s arrest.’”

Wilkinson did not have a concealed weapons permit and faces several charges.

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