He lost his legs and his son after stopping to help another driver

Carlos Hunter believes there’s a reason that he survived a tragic accident.

“Two people died, my son and the other guy, but I’m still here,” said Hunter.

Hunter was driving home with his 11-year-old son Carlos Jr. early in the morning on Sunday, June 12.

Police said Hunter noticed a car on Hallandale Beach Boulevard and stopped to assist.

“We seen a vehicle in the middle of the road and we tried to help out and that’s all I remembered,” Hunter said.

Police said the driver struck the Jeep, killing Carlos Jr. and the driver of the stranded Jeep.

All of this because father and son were simply trying to help.

“I have two daughters to take care of and a wife so I have to be there for everybody,” Hunter said.

He said he wants to get back to helping the community. Perhaps that is the reason he was saved, he said.

“That’s what I was doing that night. That night doesn’t change anything,” Hunter said.

A GoFundMe has been set up by Hunter’s brother to help him with his medical bills and he’ll need to modify his residence to accommodate his handicap.

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