4 adults detained, accused of going to Miami-Dade high school to fight student

Four adults were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon at Miami Central High School after they allegedly went to the school to fight a student, a spokesperson for the school district confirmed.

The school is located at 1781 NW 95th St. in Miami-Dade’s West Little River neighborhood.

Sky 10 was above the scene shortly before 12:30 p.m. as numerous police vehicles were parked outside the school.

The teenage girl who was targeted told Local 10 News that she was called to the office because there was a rumor that she had been involved in a fight, which she claims was not true.

The teen said the adults — possibly parents of students — confronted her and attacked her, ripping her shirt and pulling her hair.

The girl’s mother was called to the school and a witness claims she saw the teen’s mother punch one of other adults who attacked her daughter.

The mother, who also spoke to Local 10 News, denied that accusation. She said she is outraged that grown adults were able to get on campus and attack her daughter.

No weapons were involved in the incident, the spokesperson for the district confirmed.

The spokesperson did not confirm how or why the adults were able to get in the presence of the student on campus before allegedly attacking her.


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