Authorities search for several Haitian migrants that came ashore on Virginia Key

Several migrants were detained by authorities after coming ashore in South Florida, with others making a run for it.

Sky 10 was over Virginia Key at approximately 6 p.m. Monday, shortly after the group made it onto dry land.

In the water was what authorities believe is the boat where at least 10 men made it ashore near the water treatment plant.

Police said they took four people into custody, and they are all Haitian.

A Miami-Dade police helicopter was also in the air, aiding in the search for others.

Monday was the second day in a row authorities detained people coming from Haiti.

On Sunday, the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted a 35-foot boat with 104 people on board.

“There were way too many people on board,” said Petty Officer Ryan Estrada, USCG public affairs specialist.

The boat was found 18 miles east of Biscayne Bay.

Officials say the people on board spent six days at sea.

Immigrant advocates with the Family Action Network Movement told Local 10 News the migrants should not be sent back.

“We believe very strongly that the U.S. should not be deporting people to Haiti right now,” said Paul Christian Namphy with FANM. “Haiti is not in a position to be welcoming or absorbing any refugees right now.”

Late last month, 42 migrants, including men, women and children, came ashore on Key Biscayne.

Experts believe more of these so-called migrant landings should be expected given the multiple crises in Haiti.

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