Broward commissioners award ‘Medal of Valor’ to ‘heroic’ bus driver

Gwendolyn Whitfield is a hero to the survivors of a recent shooting on a Broward County public bus. Acting Chief Luis Alvarez said Whitfield’s “quick actions” were heroic.

While a gunman fired more than 20 rounds at passengers, the Broward County transit bus driver pushed through traffic on March 17 to get to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department station, police said.

“I’m sorry that this even happened. I will never understand why it happened,” Whitfield said.

Gwendolyn Whitfield receives Medal of Valor on Tuesday in Broward County.

Officers accused Jamal Meyers, 34, of shooting four of the bus passengers. Gregory Campbell, 33, of Lauderdale Lakes, and Danny Colon, 41, of Hollywood, died. Two were wounded in the bus. Three were injured during a crash.

On Tuesday, commissioners honored Whitfield’s courage with the Broward County Medal of Valor. Commissioner Michael Udine praised her “presence of mind” and her selflessness. Whitfield was in tears next to her sons.

“One thing I understand is that Broward County comes together when it’s time to and I’m proud to be a part of Broward County,” Whitfield said. archives

March 17 reports

Fort Lauderdale police and fire rescue give an update on a Broward County bus shooting near the Fort Lauderdale police station.Streets are closed off in downtown Fort Lauderdale where there was a shooting close to the police department.Read More

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