COVID-19 patients are seen lying on the ground in a state-run Jacksonville clinic

A disturbing image surfaced on social media on Thursday out of Jacksonville, where a COVID-19 patient at a state-run Regeneron site is seen lying on the floor, moaning in pain.

The woman is seen face down on the ground as she waited for the “Monoclonal Antibody” treatment. Toma Dean said she had been battling COVID-19 and pneumonia for two weeks before coming to the site.

“I was so sick it didn’t even matter. I just thought I could roll. I just wanted to get to therapy because I thought I’m either going to die, be hospitalized, die or I’m going to make it through those doors,” Dean said.

Dean said she waited more than two hours for a wheelchair, but now says she’s feeling better after treatment.

She urges everyone to get vaccinated.

The site at the Jacksonville Main Library Conference Center opened on Tuesday and city officials say the number of patients seeking treatment has more than doubled since then.

Earlier this month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rolled out the state treatment plan to help fight COVID-19, announcing that the state will start dispensing Regeneron monoclonal antibodies through mobile clinics. Patients would not need a prescription or a medical referral for treatment.

Regeneron is the treatment former President Donald Trump received when he came down with COVID-19 last year.

DeSantis is urging people at high risk, the elderly, the obese, people with diabetes — to get the monoclonal antibodies at the first indication of COVID-19.

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