Fans who helped save falling cat bring American flag to every Hurricanes game

There was an incredible catch that was made at Saturday night’s Miami Hurricanes game, one that will be remembered for years to come.

It just had nothing to do with the actual football game.

Craig Cromer told Local 10 News’ Madeleine Wright that his wife brings an American flag to all the Hurricanes football games they attend at Hard Rock Stadium and drapes it over the railing in front of their seats, but he never thought he would one day be using it to help save a cat’s life.

Hurricanes fan Criag Cromer and his wife used their American flag to help save a falling cat’s life at Hard Rock Stadium.

Countless videos of the fall have made their way onto social media, with different angles from fans’ footage showing the same thing; a cat dangling off the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium.

Fans began to scream as the cat lost its grip and dropped an estimated 30 feet, but that horror quickly turned to jubilation as the fans below caught the cat, leading to cheers from hundreds of fans.

Cromer and his wife Kimberly each held two corners of the American flag to help break the cat’s fall, saving its life on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Cromer says he doesn’t know how the cat got past security or where it is now, but he thinks it was someone’s pet because it had a collar on.

It’s something student Dylan Marinov, who captured the fall on his cell phone camera, agrees with.

“It had a collar so it must be someones,” he said.

Marinov said the cat was dangling close to 20 minutes before falling.

“It was louder than a touchdown, everyone was really excited the cat survived,” he said.

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