Florida high school senior set to graduate with record setting GPA

A high school student in Tampa is set to graduate with the highest grade point average in Hillsborough County.

Dylan Mazard, a senior at Gaither High School, has an 11.84 grade point average.

Mazard said he started working on his high school credits when he was in middle school and takes as many as 14 classes per semester.

“I started taking Florida Virtual Classes, high school credits in sixth grade, and I took my first college course at Hillsborough Community College during my 8th grade summer,” said Mazard.

Mazard also spends time tutoring his peers, to help them boost their grade point average.

“I was in a lot of trouble with my classes. But unlike how I would normally learn it, Dylan taught me a lot of different ways to do those lessons,” said Justin Pacheco, classmate.

The high school senior said next year he will be a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.

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