Flu shots vital as COVID-19 cases rise

Scientific data is showing, without question, that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the key to bringing this pandemic to its knees but health experts say we also need to protect ourselves against a more common virus: the flu.

Elyse Roelans, a family nurse practitioner with CVS Minute Clinic, says last year the flu season was unusually mild, in large part because people were social distancing, handwashing and wearing masks in larger numbers.

She said relaxations in those protective measures make that annual flu shot even more important this year.

“Our hospitals, our healthcare systems, our urgent care systems are all getting really, really burdened right now with COVID cases rising so we really want to reduce the chances of flu admissions into our healthcare systems so we can help them focus on our COVID cases,” Roelans said.

Getting the flu vaccine will also help reduce the severity of illness, the chances of hospitalization and death from infection.

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