Help conservation efforts by voting for your favorite #ProtectBiscayneBay license plate design

Biscayne Bay is crucial to South Florida’s environment and economy, and the fight to protect it is going strong.

That’s why the Miami Foundation has created three Biscayne Bay license plate designs so the community can select the one they think is best.

The winning specialty plate will fund conservation efforts, which are much needed at this time as Biscayne Bay has seen massive fish kills, among other issues.

Scientists say the issue is too many land-based pollutants flowing freely into the bay, killing meadows of seagrass and allowing algae to bloom and take over, depleting the water of oxygen.

To vote for your favorite license plate design, visit

Voting begins Friday and runs through Nov. 5. The final winning design will be revealed on Nov. 10.

To learn more about conservation efforts and the challenges Biscayne Bay is facing, visit’s Don’t Trash Our Treasure section.

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