It’s official: Miami is one of the top 10 most caffeinated cities in America

It’s not even September yet and somehow we’re already seeing ads about fall, fans of pumpkin-flavored lattes are eagerly posting their fall drinks to Instagram, and, most likely, your closest HomeGoods is already selling out on pumpkin-covered wreaths.

Wait — isn’t it still summer? Yes, it is. Until September 22, to be exact.

However, whether us folks in the Magic City like it or not, fall is upon us, and so are the fall beverages. And somehow, even though it averages around 80 degrees in South Florida year-round, Miami has been ranked no. 10 out of the 10 cities where pumpkin spice lattes are the most popular.

According to Roasty Coffee, Miamians really enjoy pumpkin spice lattes. The company compiled Google analytics to find out where pumpkin spice lattes are the most popular, and Miami came out as no. 2 on their list.

Come again?

“When you think of fall and pumpkin spice, Miami is probably the last locale that comes to mind, but apparently people in The Magic City love their PSL, which is why they take the No. 2 with 152 searches per 100,000,” says the report.

A Miamian enjoying her coffee out in the wild. Photo by Nicole Lopez-Alvar.

While this may come as a shock to us who are still hitting the beach or pool parties on the regular, there’s some more *obvious* news to come out of this.

Miami has also been ranked the tenth most coffee-obsessed city in the United States.

“According to Google search volume, Seattle is home to the most caffeinated city in America, which is probably no surprise considering the headquarters of the most dominant coffee chain in the world is located in the Emerald City,” adds the report.

Are you suddenly craving coffee now? So are we.

To read Roasty Coffee’s complete caffeinated analysis, click here.

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