Lolita’s retirement from shows gives animal advocates hope

Lolita, also known as Tokitae, will no longer be performing shows for profit as she had done for 52 years. The theater and tank where she lives in captivity will be closed to the public.

This is giving animal advocates hope that the 20-foot long female orca that has lived at the Miami Seaquarium since 1970 cold one day know freedom and make it back home.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has allowed the Miami Seaquarium to transfer its lease to MS Leisure Company, a subsidiary of The Dolphin Company.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights organization, celebrated the decision since the license was conditional on no longer displaying Lolita or Lii, the dolphin confined with her. Attorney Jared Goodman, of PETA, released a statement.

“For the first time ever, the USDA is taking some action by tacitly acknowledging that Lolita’s tank cannot meet her needs. PETA is calling for this to be the first step toward releasing Lolita (and Lii) to a seaside sanctuary, before this long-suffering orca ends up dying in the same cramped tank she’s been confined to for over half a century.”

Eduardo Albor, The Dolphin Company’s chief executive officer, released a statement.

“We are very excited to finally have completed the process to proceed with the operation and administration of the Miami Seaquarium,” Albor said, adding he was grateful for “the people who have dedicated their live staking care of all the animals … including the rescued manatees, sea lions, dolphins and indeed our beloved Lolita.” archives

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I’m hopeful that this transfer of ownership will usher in an era of accountability, transparency, and collaboration for Miami Sequarium.

I’m grateful to all those from around the world who helped make this moment possible.

— Daniella Levine Cava (@MayorDaniella) March 4, 2022 Read More

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