Major delays for Spirit Airlines flights at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Airline passengers have been voicing their frustrations with Spirit Airlines after several flights were delayed or cancelled early Sunday.

It was reminiscent of something that happened once before after 11 years ago, Spirit Airlines pilots walked off the job in a dispute over pay.

That is not the case this time, however.

Passengers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport told Local 10 News’ Madeleine Wright on Sunday that pilots are once again on strike, and so are the flight attendants.

It’s not clear where the passengers got that idea though.

Responding to a request for comment, Spirit Airlines told Local 10 News that no one is on strike.

The airline did not specify, however, what was causing the delays and cancellations.

The Air Line Pilots Association also told Local 10 News that there is no strike happening with Spirit Airlines.

The airport also sent Local 10 News this statement:

“We are aware of some flight disruptions today for Spirit Airlines at FLL and our airport operations team is assisting travelers where possible. Since this is an airline matter, Spirit will need to provide more details relating to causes and # of flights impacted today but initial word from the airline is it’s not due to any pilot/crew strike action.”

Meanwhile, passengers were stuck waiting in a massive line to talk to Spirit representatives Sunday morning as they scrambled to rebook their flights.

Bill Chambers was supposed to leave Fort Lauderdale for Philadelphia Saturday night, but couldn’t.

“First they delayed it one hour, then it was delayed a second hour, and then it canceled on us,” Chambers explained. “And it was a mad rush. It was like everybody ran for the ticket booths.”

One of the people waiting at the ticket booth was Sandra Yepes.

She was supposed to arrive in Denver at 9 p.m. Saturday, but 12 hours later, she’s still stuck in South Florida.

“We’re hearing since the crew from Spirit, the flight attendants and the pilots are on strike, so they don’t have crew to send us to anywhere,” Yepes said.

It’s unclear how many flights are affected, but the display board at FLL showed 13 Spirit Airlines flights that were either delayed or canceled.

“I haven’t been up to a window yet,” said Chambers. “I’ve been getting the run around for a little while. Go to this line, go to that line.”

Staff is asking for patience as they arrange for passengers to get to their final destination.

Yepes changed her flight to United so she can get to Denver faster.

“But the problem is buying tickets at last minute is not easy and they are very expensive, like three times more expensive than a week ago,” she said.

Currently for some passengers, it appears all options are on the table.

“I’m considering the train,” Chambers said.

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