Massive Burmese Python removed from Everglades

Six people removed an extremely large Burmese Python from the Florida Everglades Saturday night.

Kevin Carlisle and his son Luke of Jacksonville provided the photos of the massive snake, which they said measured at 16 feet long.

The capture was part of the 2021 Python challenge.

The conservation effort aims to remove the invasive snakes to help protect the Everglades.

Carlisle and Dusty Crum are Python contractors with the South Florida Water Management District.

Carlisle and Crum were helped by SFWMD assistants Ed Musgrave, his teen nephews Andrew and Jacob and Luke Carlisle, 11.

A huge Burmese Python was pulled from the Florida Everglades.

The Python challenge ends July 18.

Last year’s longest capture was a 12-foot python with 80 snakes removed in total.

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