Memorials grow in Surfside as desperate search for victims continues into fifth day

As the desperate search for survivors continues across Surfside, Monday morning, memorials are starting to grow.

“For two days, I can’t sleep because of this tragedy,” says Liljana Lala who was visiting the memorial. “You live with what they gone through.”

“To show Surfside that we are always going to be there for them, we are here for them. you know?” added Gullina Palomino, who organized the memorial.

From heart-shaped candles to flowers and even Biblical scriptures, people have left heartfelt memorabilia and toys at the memorial site, all to provide some sort of peace and encouragement in this difficult time.

“Devastation, it’s traumatizing,” says Lala.

“It’s very emotional because you are not only seeing adults, but you are seeing babies, kids, young adults,” says Palomino.

“It’s something, like, unimaginable,” says Lala.

Many like Lala felt so moved by the deadly collapse, that they had to pay her respects. “I’m thinking about the family, what they are going to do now. it’s just painful.”

Palomino is with the St. Joseph Catholic Church, who shares a list of nine parishioners who are among the unaccounted for.

“Noticing that you know we have families that are from our church, it’s super emotional,” says Palomino.

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