Miami Beach alcohol curfew ends, visitors rejoice

Things have calmed down on the streets of South Beach, since the beginning of March when spring breakers took over the city of Miami, and now with the last spring break weekend coming up the Miami Beach alcohol curfew is officially over.

“It seems like things have been calm since we got here we just got here yesterday,” Nasheedah Doussett said who is visiting from Atlanta.

Miami Beach declared a state of emergency imposing a curfew after five people were shot over a span of two nights.

Spring break was peaceful on Friday night in South Beach.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said the city had no choice when it came to a curfew.

“In the middle of spring with police there, people were soo out of control, that this was just something that happened,” Gelver said.

Then the liquor store sales ban went into effect after 6 p.m. in the entertainment district which was a big deal for some business owners, cutting profits for the sake of safety, a decision they heavily questioned.

“I’m glad they lifted it, it’s my birthday so I’m glad,” Brianna Baleon said who is also visiting from Atlanta.

City officials also said more than 100 guns were seized during spring break.

The majority of offenders were from the state of Florida and visitors hoping they won’t see any of that this weekend.

“It seems like it’s pretty calm and nothing’s going on everybody seems like they’re having a good time,” Doussett said.

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