Moroccans prepare funeral for boy, 5, who died in deep well

Preparations are underway in Morocco for the funeral of five-year-old Rayan who was pulled dead from a 32-meter (105 foot) deep dry well where he was trapped for five days.

The boy was pulled out Saturday night by rescuers after a strenuous operation that captured global attention.

The funeral is expected to take place after noon prayers Monday in Ighran, a village in the mountainous area in northern Morocco. The boy will be laid to rest in a plot among other family members at the hilltop Zawiya cemetery, 6 kilometers (4 miles) away from the village.

Scores of mourners from all over the country are expected to flock to the funeral to pay their respects and Associated Press journalists have observed lots of security and state media at the scene. Meanwhile. villagers are coming to visit the parents’ house to pay their condolences. Two large tents have been set up in front of the modest house, serving breakfast to visitors.

The child’s body was transferred in a helicopter to the military hospital in the capital Rabat. It is not yet clear if the boy underwent an autopsy.

Workers have now started filing in the massive hole that they dug to try to rescue him.

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