Police announce arrest in case of cruel killing of therapy dog

A Broward County dog owner is absolutely devastated after the shocking and cruel death of his pet.

Early Tuesday evening, police announced they had arrested 21-year-old Chayse Billie with assistance from the Seminole Police Department.

US Army Master Sergeant Daniel Perez was intending on bringing Matilda to work with him that day but ended up deciding to bring her to his friend’s animal clinic in Davie.

Perez got Matilda about seven years ago at a Veteran’s Day adoption event, and he said their connection was instant.

In the moments where he was feeling down or depressed, he says it was hard to talk to therapists or friends, but that he was always able to find comfort in Matilda.

While working his civilian job with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, he would drop Matilda off the animal clinic around 6 a.m. leaving her locked in a covered kennel with food and water.

Then, about an hour later, the staff would show up and bring her inside to watch her for the day.

But, last Friday, during that window between Perez dropping Matilda off and the staff showing up, a young man walked up, taunted her and took pictures and video of her with his phone before shooting her several times, while she had absolutely no way of escaping or fighting back.

Now, Perez is left heartbroken and businesses near the vet clinic, are stunned.

“She loved kids, she loved other animals. It’s not fair,” Perez said.

Prior to Billie’s arrest, Davie police released a description of the man they were looking for. They said he has a thin build, somewhere between 5-foot-10 and six feet tall, likely in his early 20′s, and he has bleached blonde hair.

He had last been seen wearing black basketball shorts, a blue-ish hoodie, and white sneakers.

Police said Billie had been charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty and was being taken to BSO Main Jail.

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