President Biden meets with business leaders amid rising gas prices

Vice President Harris left for Poland on Wednesday, where the United States just deployed two Patriot missile batteries which were requested by polish leaders.

The system can shoot down incoming missiles and will be in Poland to defend against “potential threats” to us and NATO allies.

This move comes after the pentagon rejected an offer by Poland to make fighter jets available to the be given to Ukraine to combat Russian attacks.

“We believe that the gain from m29s is low and finally intelligence communities has assessed that the transfer of mig29′s to Ukraine may be mistaken as escalatory,” said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.

His remarks come as the Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Britain’s Foreign Secretary.

“On the most immediate matter at hand, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” Blinken said.

In which, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss responded.

“Now is not the time to let up, Putin must fail,” she said.

In an effort to achieve that fate, President Biden banned Russian oil imports this week. This is his latest move to punish Moscow for the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

He met with business leaders today amid rising gas prices calling it “Putin’s price hike” blaming the Kremlin for the surge.

“Since President Putin began his military buildup the price of gas at the pump has gone up 75 cents which is significant,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

The Pentagon called the proposal “too risky” as the U.S. tries to avoid a direct conflict with Russia.

It is still not clear how high gas prices will climb, but President Biden says he will do everything he can to minimize the pain at the pump.

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