Residents of Pembroke Park mobile home community brace for eviction

The residents of a Broward County mobile home park are getting ready be forced out of their homes after a battle of trying to be able to stay.

Back in March, every resident at the park received a notice of eviction and were told they would have to be gone in 30 days.

A later notice said the timeline was a result of miscommunication, but residents have been in limbo ever since.

On Thursday night, residents are attending a a town hall meeting providing resources and info on where they can find a new place to live.

These families tell Local 10 they’ve been invited to a meeting with representatives of the property owners, Trinity Broadcasting Network, a Christian organization.

“We want to know what is the relocation components of where they’re going to relocate us, what kind of money is going to be offered is there any money,” Diana Kullander, a resident said

For sale signs are going up around the community as many families here say they can’t even afford to move if they wanted to.

“Some of us might have to live in our cars,” one resident said due to the lack of time they have to find another place to live.

Residents are hoping they can finally get some answers.

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