Sergeant opens fire on suspect outside Home Depot in west Miami-Dade

A police-involved shooting was under investigation Saturday night in west Miami-Dade County.

It happened in the Home Depot and Costco parking lot in the area of 79th Avenue and West Flagler Street.

A female sergeant from the Miami-Dade Police Department was patrolling the area when a Home Depot employee told her someone had been stealing items. She saw the man allegedly pushing a cart full of merchandise from the store and tried approaching him.

The man ran and jumped into the passenger seat of a black two-door Honda, police say. A woman driving that car is accused of driving it in the direction of the sergeant, who fired her weapon.

The sergeant wasn’t hit by the car and is OK. The man and woman drove away and have not yet been found.

Police say the woman driving the car has reddish hair and a colorful vintage jacket

The man is believed to be about 6-feet-1, 200 pounds and was wearing a black shirt and black ripped jeans.

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