Unvaccinated ‘soulmates’ die of COVID in Miami-Dade forcing daughter to leave U.S. Navy post

Andrea Green was serving in the U.S. Navy in Spain when she learned both of her parents, who live in south Miami-Dade County, were sick with COVID.

She said everyone in the family described Mr. and Mrs. Green as “soulmates” who were meant to be together forever. They had been married for more than three decades when they both died of COVID. Neither of them had the protection of the vaccine.

David Green, right died of complications with COVID on Aug. 4th. He was 68. Andrea Green also died of COVID on Sunday. She was 59.

Her father, David Green, didn’t tell her he had been battling cancer for about two months when he was hospitalized with pneumonia. He died of complications with COVID on Aug. 4th. He was 68.

“They’re not allowing any visitors, so it just crushed me to know that he was going through that stuff alone,” Andrea Green said.

Her mother, also named Andrea Green, suffered blood clots while at Jackson Memorial Hospital with COVID and died on Sunday. She was 59.

“Covid gave her blood clots, both of her legs, her arms, one in her artery on her heart and one here on her neck and one in her brain,” the grieving daughter said.

“My parents, David Green and Andrea Green, were two decent hard working individuals of the military that has always provided for our family and others as well. They raised us to be selfless and strong. I followed my father foot steps into the Navy and while I was deployed away in Spain I received the worse phone call anyone on the planet could ever imagine,” she wrote on Monday in the “Help me raise money to bury my parents” GoFundMe page.

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