Victim of alleged beating outside Antonio Brown’s home awarded $1.2M

A moving truck driver who was allegedly assaulted by former NFL player Antonio Brown received a favorable ruling from a South Florida jury.

Criminally in the case, Brown received probation.v

In a civil case, Brown now must pay $1.2 million, and the victim’s attorneys says Brown hasn’t even participated the trial.

The victim, Anton Tumanov, spoke exclusively with Local 10 News about the incident that occurred back in January of 2020.

“I was scared for me,” Tumanov said.

In video of the incident, you can hear Brown yelling and his girlfriend telling him to stop. Through a reflection in the glass of Tumanov’s truck, you see Brown put his hands on him.

“Hit the back of my head, he shake me, and he bang me against the wheel,” he said.

Photos taken from the incident show a scratch on the back of Tumanov’s neck along with some bruising.

Tumanov was initially at Brown’s Hollywood home to deliver his personal items.

In order for the goods to be released, Brown needed to pay him $4,000.

Brown gave a check, but it was against company policy. Tumanov says there was an argument and Brown hurled a rock at his truck, creating a dent on his door.

“I was lucky that it didn’t hit me through the glass,” he said.

Tumanov called the police and left. His company then told him to return to Brown’s home because he had a correct version of payment, plus money for the time Tumanov lost and for the damage to his car.

He says Brown paid the $4,000, but not the rest. It was at that point he says Brown lost it.

“Came back to the cabin and make this fight, I couldn’t protect or do nothing,” Tumanov said.

Tumanov’s attorney Jeff Davis says Brown never participated in the civil trial, therefore the jury awarded the large sum in damages.

“We intend to seek justice for Mr. Tumanov and have Mr. Brown pay those damages,” said Davis.

Tumanov says he needs surgery to repair two herniated discs, adding that this isn’t about money, but about paying his medical expenses.

Brown has yet to pay up.

Local 10 News’ Sanela Sabovic asked Brown for a statement, and he told her to send him a deposit and then we can talk.

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