WATCH LIVE: Officers release information about 2 girls found dead in canal

Lt. Mike Bigwood identified the two girls who were found dead in a Lauderhill canal as sisters 9-year-old Destiny and 7-year-old Daysha.

Destiny was wearing a gray shirt with a “Dream” sign in colorful letters and shorts. Her body was floating near the intersection of Northwest 21st Street and 56th Avenue.

Divers found Daysha about an hour later, floating in the same canal, about half a mile away. She was wearing a tan T-shirt and pajama bottoms with flowers.

“They are from the specific area where they were located,” Bigwood said.

Derika Brown, Shakima Birch and Michelle Golden were among the people who visited the canal on Wednesday. Brown dropped off two balloons. Birch and Golden, who both live nearby, were there to pray for them.

“The way how the little girl looked yesterday with all the scratches on her and … her fists bawled up,” Birch said. “It just made me cry and I’m like, ‘Was she trying to grab onto something?’ or ‘Was she fighting for her life?’”

The Medical Examiner’s Office is working to determine a cause of death. Detectives were in the neighborhood on Wednesday morning asking neighbors for clues.

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