Jury to decide the fate of 2 men accused of 2015 murder in Tamarac

When prosecutors showed the surveillance video of a 2015 murder on Wednesday, the 51-year-old victim’s son and mother quickly walked out of the courtroom in Broward County.

Richard Andres and Johnathan Gordon are accused of killing Ivan Brandt in Tamarac. Prosecutors said the two men planned the crime.

Detectives accused Richard Andres of shooting a 51-year-old man twice in Tamarac.

There was a struggle. Prosecutors said Brandt took a knife away from one of them and used it to defend himself.

“He was shot two times once in the neck and once in the head,” Assistant State Attorney Kristine Bradley said in court.

Detectives accused Andres of using Gordon’s gun to shoot Brandt. Prosecutors said Andres, of Hollywood, was dating Brandt’s ex-girlfriend.

Johnathan Gordon was arrested for first-degree murder in 2015.

The defense alleged the two men were not there to commit a crime, but to retrieve a dog and a bag the woman had left behind and shot Brandt in self-defense.

It’s up to a jury to decide if Andres and Gordon are both guilty of first-degree murder.

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