Miami attorney who represents rape victims now accused of committing one

A Miami attorney who specializes in representing victims of sexual assault is now accused of raping a woman.

Adam Bair, 39, who describes himself as a “Personal Injury & Sexual Assault Attorney” on his website, faced a Miami-Dade judge Thursday morning on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment.

According to an arrest report, the 24-year-old victim told Miami police that she went to Bair’s Edgewater apartment on July 20 under the belief that he was “going to show her a court case video,” but instead, police allege he began to kiss and fondle her.

“The victim repeatedly pushed the defendant away telling him to stop and that she did not want anything sexual with him,” the report states. “The victim then went to the restroom and when she returned, she found the defendant naked and stroking his penis.”

Police accuse Bair of pushing the woman onto his bed, stating “now I’m the dominant one,” digitally penetrating the victim and performing oral sex on her before forcing her to have intercourse.

“Throughout the incident, the victim attempted to push (Bair) away and pleaded for the defendant to stop while continuously stating she did not want to engage in any sexual activity,” the report states. “(Bair) replied ’you will thank me later’ to the victim.”

Police stated that the victim started questioning Bair as to why he did not stop when she asked him to.

“The victim then attempted to get up from the bed to leave, but (Bair) proceeded to push her back onto the bed and stated ‘you cannot leave. I want you to stay. I need you to stay the night,’” the report says. “The victim continued to attempt to leave, but (Bair) continued pulling her back and preventing her from leaving multiple times. (He) finally released the victim under the belief that he would see her again.”

He told a judge he’s a survivor of sexual abuse himself and said it was an absolute shock when detectives visited him, saying the allegations were all “lies.”

On the “Sexual Assault” section of his website, Bair calls sexual assault cases “deeply personal.”

“As a survivor of childhood sexual assault, these cases are deeply personal to me,” he wrote. “I know firsthand what the healing process entails, which is why I fight fiercely on behalf of my clients for the justice they deserve. My goal is to help other survivors come back stronger than before.”

Police arrested Bair Wednesday. He had been held on a $12,500 bond.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office says it is concerned and disturbed by the charges and wants anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of Bair to call its sexual battery unit at 305-547-0119.

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