Miami tech company uses VR to bring real estate into the metaverse

Virtual reality is taking South Florida by storm with companies dipping into the digital world across healthcare, fitness, and other parts of everyday life.

One local company is hoping to capture Miami’s attention and take a step toward the future with real estate.

Alvaro Alesso and Patricio Navarro are two of the three minds behind YUPIX, a Miami-based technology company promising to change the way people interact with the world.

“As the book is the extension of your mind, YUPIX, or spatial computing, is the extension of your reality, so imagine how powerful your life is going to be if your reality could be taken to new boundaries. Extending the earlier reality is why the name is YUPIX because you pick your own reality, you pick what you want to see, you are the main character,” Alesso said.

The main focus of the company is on real estate and YUPIX has a featured project at the E11EVEN Hotel & Residences Miami, and E11EVEN Hotel Residences Beyond, a pair of 65-story condominiums downtown that looks to highlight luxury living.

Even though the location isn’t up yet, with YUPIX you can take a walkthrough of what’s coming.

Our meta-reality tour lets you experience the entirety of this project as if it were there in person!
#miami #miamitech #miamirealestate #miamilife #luxury

— YupixMetaReality (@YupixMeta) May 12, 2022

As soon as you strap on the virtual reality headset, there’s no need for blueprints or models of the building. YUPIX allows you to walk through the condominiums before it’s actually built.

Local 10′s Gio Insignares got to take a first look at what these condominiums are going to look like with Alesso and Navarro guiding him along the way of the virtual reality tour.

Into the metaverse using YUPIX, fully furnished apartments are shown highlighting every littlest detail along with a virtual reality pool you can swim in.

The technology YUPIX provides can also identify any potential problems, create solutions, and accelerate decision-making in the real estate development process. YOUPIX says the first tower is already sold out, while the second tower is at about 90 percent sold out, a number even the property’s own website strongly highlights.

YUPIX’s larger goal is to expand the business beyond Miami eventually becoming an international brand, that anyone can visit anywhere, in an instant.

A sneak peek of the helicopter landing pad at E11even Beyond, as seen in our meta-reality tour.@11Miami #miami #MiamiTechWeek #eMergeAmericas #vr #realestate

— ypxrealty (@ypxrealty) April 20, 2022

“So you are going to be interactive all the time, between the real world and the virtual world in a way that is going to be absolutely natural, and that is how we envision the world,” Navarro said.

While some might be hesitant about this change, YUPIX argues that this moment represents a new leap for technology, yet another step into the ever-evolving metaverse, and an opportunity to lead the way into the future.

“I believe technology empowers us. Technology as a tool is not good or bad per se. It is up to us to learn how to use it properly, and it’s up to us to learn how to use this new power that we have,” Alesso said.

Construction on the E11EVEN Hotel & Residences is expected to be completed in 2023. While construction on the second tower, E11EVEN Hotel Residences Beyond is expected to start this summer.

According to YUPIX and other reports, both locations are planned to be connected on the ground and through a sky bridge.

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