New Freedom Week brings tax breaks for many fun, summer items

Celebrating our country’s independence on the Fourth of July will bring an added bonus for shoppers this year.

It comes in the form of a break from paying taxes on a multitude of fun things.

Outdoor enthusiasts this upcoming week is for you.

Freedom week, beginning July 1, will be seven days of sales tax free spending for those that love camping, boating, maybe a little fishing and so much more.

Haroon Mohammed is the sales manager at Bass Pro Shop in Miami. He told Local 10 News that the store is expecting to be slammed with people taking advantage of the savings.

“We are going to be extremely busy for the next three days,” he said. “Hashtag no sleep.”

Those familiar with the store know it’s a Mecca for everything outdoors.

“A lot of people will come in for fishing gear, a lot of camping gear for the summer,” Mohammed said.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the $1.2 billion dollar relief bill back in May. It is one of nine new sales tax holidays, and with inflation, as prices have through the roof the past two years, the tax breaks are a welcomed start to July.

“Every opportunity that you give consumers to save, give them a break,” Mohammed said. “You know it’s been a tough two years for everybody coming out of COVID. We have seen it and so I’m always happy to give something back.”

The list of what will be exempt from the Freedom Week sales tax from July 1 until July 7 includes items for fishing, camping, boating and water sports, pool supplies and other general outdoor activities.


Florida Department of Revenue Tax Information Publication on 2022 Freedom Week

Florida Department of Revenue FAQ on 2022 Freedom Week sales tax holiday

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