Video captures crook nearly running woman over after swiping purse from her car

Surveillance video captured the moments a woman chased after the man who stole her purse from inside her parked car.

She was nearly killed as he drove away.

“He was watching me and following me and that’s the whole part that scares me,” said the victim, who asked not to be identified.

That woman had no idea a man in a white car was on the prowl just moments after she pulled up to her northeast Miami-Dade County home.

“Just a quick second, I went to grab a coupon and I came back out and I caught a guy grabbing my bag,” she said.

Video shows the car pull into a neighbor’s driveway.

A man is seen getting out and boldly approaching the victim’s white Audi.

He went right for the driver’s side door and grabbed the victim’s purse.

She ran after him but was hit by the thief’s fleeing car.

“I thought he was going to kill me when I hit the ground,” she said. “I just want him off the street. I don’t want him doing that to anyone else.”

Police are actively searching for the criminal, whose face was captured on video.

The victim was left with some scrapes and bruises on her hand and wrist, along with a sore and swollen knee.

That grandmother said she learned a valuable lesson.

“Don’t do what I did,” she said. “At the moment I was just startled.”

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