Biden attends UN’s climate summit as key races remain too close to call in midterm elections

President Joe Biden was in Egypt on Friday at the United Nation’s conference on combating climate change, known as COP27.

“It’s more urgent than ever that we double down on our climate commitment,” said Biden.

A commitment that the commander-in-chief said he has made a top priority for his administration.

At the climate conference, Biden discussed a new supplemental rule that will crack down on methane emissions, expanding on a similar regulation his administration released last year. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to global warming.

He signed the inflation reduction act, which includes more than $300 billion for clean energy programs, and the bipartisan infrastructure law which provides billions for climate initiatives.

“We’re proving a good climate policy is a good economic policy,” said Biden.

Biden said the spending, part of broader economic legislation he signed into law this year, will ensure the U.S. hits its target for reducing emissions by 2030.

His remarks come as back home in the United States, the control of Congress is still undecided. Key races remain too close to call in the Senate in three states, as votes continue to be counted in Arizona and Nevada. More than 500,000 votes still need to be counted.

While in Georgia, neither candidate reached 50 percent, so republican challenger Hershel Walker will now face incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock in a runoff election on Dec. 6.

As republicans are on track to lock down a house majority

“Do you have the votes for both the majority and the speakership? Yes,” said U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, (R) House Minority Leader.

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