Caught on Camera: 4-year-old wanders away from school, ends up at stranger’s doorstep

A 4-year-old boy from Fort Bend, Texas, wandered away from school this week and ended up at a stranger’s front door.

Stephanie Gonzalez says she opened her front door Tuesday afternoon to find a young boy. She said she asked him if he was lost and he nodded yes.

According to Gonzalez, a tag on his backpack alerted her to his name and grade.

She said she is thankful he walked to her home.

“Imagine if he was found by somebody else with bad intentions before he came up to my house. Imagine if I wasn’t here,” she said. “Would he have sat on my doorstep? Would he have kept walking?”

Gonzalez and her family loaded the little guy into their truck, while another neighbor called the school to report the missing child. Employees, they say, didn’t seem to know he was missing at all.

The boy’s parents are now calling on the school to be held accountable.

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