Dj khadaffy


About DJ Khadaffy

DJ Khadaffy, born Khalfani Slue in Northern, New Jersey to Jamaican parentage surrounded by reggae music and the Jamaican culture. DJ Khadaffy father was an aspiring reggae singer, many times as a child DJ Khadaffy would interact with many of the veterans in the reggae Fraternity.  DJ Khadaffy developed the interest in music at the robust age of 13. DJ Khadaffy was highly influence by listening to hot97 and replicating Icons godfather DJ Funk Master Flex and Red Alert on the radio.  

By 16 DJ Khadaffy played his first party, and then advanced to major high school events. DJ Khadaffy earned an impressive reputation and became the people’s choice. DJ Khadaffy name began to ring bells throughout the Tri-State, the owner of Club Stealth night club approached DJ Khadaffy and hired DJ Khadaffy to entertain the audience at talent competition for BET’s Comic View featuring 98.7 KISS fm major radio station in NYC.  DJ Khadaffy began to receive bookings from clubs all over the East Coast.

With DJ Khadaffy ability to entertain the airwaves and clubs, he became an in demand DJ. Few years later Dashawn Taylor owner of and finalists for Damon Dash’s Ultimate Hustler TV Series was impressed with DJ Khadaffy talent and hired him to do after parties for TV show viewings in NYC. DJ Khadaffy also held down the role as resident DJ in some of the biggest clubs throughout New Jersey and New York. Throughout DJ Khadaffy journey he has entered several competitions always placing on the top of the heap. 

DJ Khadaffy has always found time to give back to his community with constant commendations. He was approached by The New Jersey/New York Boys & Girls Club to head a class teaching troubled youths aspiring to be Disc Jockey; the basic, the tricks, the formula and the business side to being a successful Disc Jockey. 

DJ Khadaffy graduated a class of 9 students’ boys and girls in Newark, NJ. In 2006 Sean Da Entertainer from Wyclef Refugee All-star Sound recruited DJ Khadaffy. DJ Khadaffy is extremely talented and versatile MC’s/Selecta. The transition from Hip Hop to Reggae has been accomplished seamlessly with many, many, many hours of hard work and dedication. Sean Da Entertainer introduced DJ Khadaffy to Wyclef Jean who loved his attitude and Vibes. DJ Khadaffy joined Wyclef’s Refugee All-Star Sound in 2006. DJ Khadaffy has done two solo European tours earning excellent acclaim