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About DJ Sammy

Dj Sammy in Miami is the host of ‘The Real Token White Show’ airing exclusively on He has been entertaining people for over 30 years at events, conferences, in clubs, and at exclusive galas & shows as an MC, DJ and Auctioneer. He has opened for Jim Caviezel at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman & has been behind the mic at events featuring Sean Diddy Combs; Usher; Kevin Hart; Big Mountain; KC and the Sunshine band; Molly Hatchet; Steve Wozniak (cofounder of Apple), and many more…

While in his 30’s, DJ Sammy achieved a goal of becoming a series 7 licensed stock broker. For 2 years he worked at building this career all the while being a Dj at weddings on the weekends. Then, a Vice President at JW Charles, invited him into his office where he revealed that he was a former cruise ship dancer, before becoming a stockbroker. He said, “you have more passion for being a Dj than being a stockbroker”. Follow your passion. It was great advice and he has never looked back.

Why radio now? The seed was planted in second grade. Dj Sammy in Miami’s class went on a field trip to a local radio station. As soon as he walked in & saw all the buttons, slide switches, lights, the microphone and turntables. It was magical. They gave each child a 45 record as a souvenir. That 45 was The Guess Who, “Share the land” on one side and “Bus Rider” on the other.

Besides the The Real Token White Show, DJ Sammy is working on a Music Video for Kyng Official, ‘High Lyfe’. There are several other projects he is developing content for: My First Air BNB (your pool is shaped like what?!); 55th Bloody Sunday March; Political Royalty

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