From Tampa to Cape Coral, damage from Hurricane Ian evident as residents wait for help

Hurricane Ian pummeled the Gulf Coast of Florida, leaving a horrible trail of destruction in its path.

Local 10 News’ Jenise Fernandez out the storm in Tampa before driving down along the coast to see all areas impacted by the storm.

In Port Charlotte, clear signs of wind damage were evident while Punta Gordo, an area hit by the massive eye of Ian, residents are still waiting for help, completely off the grid with no cell service or internet.

Over in Cape Coral there more signs of Ian’s wrath, with damaged buildings and destroyed mobile homes left behind, along with snapped power poles and power lines littering the roadways.

People in Fort Myers who did not want to wait for cleanup crews began to do their own work to get things back up and running.

Interactive map (Zoom in to view specific areas and stories)

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