Guests can now see Lion Country Safari’s newest baby zebra that is already capturing hearts

Lion Country Safari welcomed a male baby Plains zebra to its largest herd in the country on Friday.

Lion Country Safari

The foal and mom are currently spending quality time together, but visitors can score a sight of the baby zebra and mom from their cars in the Hwange section of the safari.

According to the news release, Lion Country Safari is home to the largest herd of zebra on record in the United States with nearly 60 zebra under its care.

The three species of zebra include the Plains, Mountain, and Grevy’s. Although, the Plains zebra is the most abundant, all three species are in peril due mostly to poaching and habitat loss.

“It’s so fluffy!”🥰Say hello to this little baby! 🦓 This male zebra foal was born last week on safari! You can see him and his mom in the Hwange section of the safari. #thursdayvibes #roadtrip #ThePalmBeaches

— Lion Country Safari (@LionCountry) May 12, 2022

Lion Country Safari is Florida’s largest drive-through safari and is home to over 900 animals, including some of the world’s iconic species roaming wide-open natural habitats in large herds.

If you want to learn more about how you can visit their newest addition and their other animals click here.

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