2 teens die after car crashes into lake in Sunrise

An investigation is underway after a driver crashed his vehicle into a lake in Sunrise late Tuesday night, resulting in the deaths of two teenagers.

The community is devastated by this and police say the driver lost control and crashed into this lake. when another young man just walking by tried to save him. Unfortunately, they would both lose their lives.

The incident happened around 10:20 p.m. in the area of Northwest 12th Street and Silver Palm Boulevard.

Sunrise police said the 18-year-old driver of a four-door Lexus lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the water.

They said a 17-year-old boy who happened to be walking in the area jumped into the water to help.

“He was a very brave individual,” one man, who lives nearby, said.

Cellphone video shows first responders pulling one of the victims out of the water and performing CPR on him.

Both the driver and Good Samaritan were pulled out by first responders, but they both were pronounced dead, authorities confirmed.

The car was removed from the water Wednesday morning.

Rosie Fairlie lives in the neighborhood and told Local 10 News that her granddaughter is friends with the Good Samaritan.

“She called me and said, ‘Mena! Mena! My best friend is dead,’” Fairlie said.

According to Fairlie, the Good Samaritan was an 11th grader at Western High School in Davie.

Western High School Students are learning about the selfless act of their classmate and now they are calling him a hero.

“Throwing yourself in there, trying your hardest. It is so sad what happened to him, but it is beautiful what he did,” Coral Funez said.

His mother took to social media saying in part, ‘My son died a hero, my 17-year-old beautiful son. I am broken, he was my life.”

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

The victims’ identities have not yet been released.

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