3 Broward students arrested in 48 hours: Two threatened to ‘terrorize school,’ one brought a gun

Two teenage high school students are facing serious charges for allegedly threatening to plan an attack on their Pembroke Pines High School on Monday.

Following their arrest on Wednesday, just down the road at Miramar High School, a 17-year-old student was arrested on Thursday morning for bringing a gun to school.

This will be the third Broward County student who has been arrested for high school-related threats in the span of two days.

Although this teen didn’t make any threats, per se, the gun was found when an officer searched his backpack. He apparently told police he needed it for “protection.”

“This is the second week and already a report of a gun? That’s awful! That’s very bad,” says grandmother Jenae Somers whose grandson attends Miramar High School.

According to students of Miramar High School, they spent most of Thursday in a “Code Yellow” lockdown.

“Teachers, announcements, we were on code yellow all day,” explained Miramar High School student Daryl Baxter. “Kinda scary, but not really, because you hear about that often in Florida, not gonna lie.”

Meanwhile over in Pembroke Pines, the two 15-year-old students who were arrested on Wednesday appeared in front of a judge on Thursday morning.

They have both been charged with one felony count for making a written threat to do bodily harm or commit an act of terrorism, as well as one misdemeanor count for knowingly causing the disruption of an educational institution.

According to Pembroke Pines Police, it all started on Monday, when Pembroke Pines Police received an anonymous tip about a possible school shooting at Charles W. Flanagan high school.

Thanks to the tip, they were able to discover an Instagram post with a caption threatening to “terrorize the school,” and, eventually, connected that post to the two accused students.

“I love my son. He’s making really bad decisions,” said the father of one of the accused Charles W. Flanagan students. “I think me and his mom just need some help getting him on the right path.”

These two teenagers are being held for 21 days in juvenile detention, and will be back in front of the judge next week.

The investigations surrounding the cases in Miramar and Pembroke Pines remain ongoing. Therefore, this story will be updated with more information once it is made available.

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