Chilling 911 calls released from night of mass shooting outside El Mula Banquet Hall

Authorities have released 911 calls from the night of a deadly shooting outside the El Mula Banquet Hall.

Help arrived within minutes of the first call, but by the time paramedics and police pulled up, 23 people had already been shot.

Some of the victims were among the callers who flooded 911 as dispatchers struggled to keep them calm and on the phone.

“I’ve been shot and I feel myself dying,” one caller said.

“OK, stay on the line with me,” the dispatcher responded. “Take a slow deep breath and try to relax. We’re gonna get you some help.”

It was Memorial Day weekend, and a rap concert was being held at the Miami-Dade banquet hall.

Three men rolled up in a white SUV and sprayed the crowd with bullets in less than 10 seconds.

Another vehicle with a gunman was spotted in the distance, firing in the vicinity too.

The crowds of people darted for cover.

Desmond Owens and Clayton Dillard, both 26 years old, were killed that night.

Shaniqua Peterson, who was 32, died days later in the hospital.

Some survivors drove themselves to the hospital while other eyewitnesses jumped into action and helped the wounded until paramedics arrived.


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