Czech Republic hit by rise of infections unseen since April

The Czech Republic has been hit by a steep rise in coronavirus infections that have reached levels unseen since late April, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday.

The government was set to meet later in the day to approve new measures to tame the surge.

The day-to-day increase in new cases reached 3,246 on Tuesday, more than double the cases a week ago when it was 1,507. It was the highest number since April 20.

The new infections surpassed 100 per 100,000 people in seven days with 117 positive cases.

The fast rise of infections is accompanied by increasing numbers of people who need hospitalization and those who die.

A total of 620 COVID-19 patients were treated in hospitals on Tuesday with about 100 in serious condition. It’s more than twice as many as two weeks ago.

In last seven days, 51 people have died of COVID-19.

One of the hardest hit European Union countries has registered 1.7 million tested positive for the coronavirus with 30,574 deaths.

In its reaction to the worsening situation, the Health Ministry has proposed several measures, including mandatory face coverings at workplaces and schools.

It has proposed limiting the time for which negative tests are valid. The ministry is also proposing that the state-funded health system not pay for the tests people need to travel, or visit restaurants and other public places and gatherings.

Slightly over 6 million people have been fully vaccinated in the nation of 10.7 million people, a level below the average among European Union nations.


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