Little Havana seniors say they were also tricked into switching political parties

Local 10 News broke the story of older, Hispanic voters having their political affiliation switched secretly. On Friday, a candidate for governor showed even more cases of voter fraud.

“I don’t care what party it is; I don’t care which side you’re on. This is wrong and should not happen,” said Sen. Anette Taddeo.

The Latina Democrat is running for governor of the state of Florida.

“I am somebody that represents a very Hispanic area and that means those Hispanic voters in my primary need to have a voice,” she said.

Taddeo introduced half a dozen seniors who live at the Haley Sofge Towers in Little Havana. They said people came to their door offering to help update their voter registration and tricked them into switching from Democrat to Republican.

Hortensia Lee said she only discovered the party switch when her new voter identification card arrived in the mail.

She has since re-registered as a Democrat.

“Esta fraude,” said Ernesto Morejon. He was also a victim of the switch reportedly carried out by workers hired by the Republican Party of Florida.

The party denies any wrongdoing and has said it obeys all applicable election laws.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, said his proposed election fraud investigation office would crack down on such wrongdoing.

“We are going to have a specified group of investigators and law enforcement that will go after those types of election shenanigans,” he said.

On Friday, Local 10 News received a lengthy statement from the Republic Party of Florida denying any wrongdoing when it comes to voter registration. In fact, they said their workers have registered and will register voters in whatever party they choose, including Democrats and Independents.

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