Man carjacks fire-rescue truck in Lauderhill

Quick-acting firefighters had to come to the rescue of one of their trucks after a man tried to carjack their vehicle. After crawling through the driver’s side window and getting into the truck, he turned on its sirens and started to back out of the driveway.

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, Lauderhill Rescue 30 crews were returning from an emergency around 8:44 p.m. when they saw a man, who they described as running frantically towards the fire station at 3120 Northwest 11th Place.

The man, identified as 30-year-old Freddy Ross, then scaled a 7-foot tall fence surrounding the parking lot in the back of the station. When the crew went to check on the man to render aid, they said he became combative and that’s when he tried to get into the driver’s side of the rescue truck.

Firefighters still inside the vehicle tried to keep him out, but he was eventually able to crawl into the driver’s side window.

Suddenly, the driver turned on the truck’s emergency lights and started to back out of the driveway.

Two firefighters made the decision that it was time to stop the man and the truck before he got any further and backed into a busy roadway, or worse, that the thief would drive the vehicle away putting the public at risk.

They were able to remove him from the truck and hold him until Lauderhill police arrived.

No one was injured in the incident and the man was taken into custody.

Assistant Chief Jeff Levy of Lauderhill Fire Rescue commended the actions of the firefighters.

“It was unknown what the circumstances are surrounding it with that gentleman but it was one of those things that the people who always help someone needed help this time. This fire crew without regard for their own safety jumped back into action when they saw that truck moving. We don’t know what would have happened.”

Ross has past criminal charges including trespassing, petty theft, grand theft, and burglary. He is expected to face charges related to attempted carjacking.

Local 10 News has been told that he is being checked out at a local hospital. But any fire station has a sign that says it is a Safe Space so it is not uncommon for fire crews to render aid in a parking lot. They thought they were doing that when they first encountered this man but then the tables turned.

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