Miami-Dade helps Venezuelans rushing to reapply for temporary protected status

Organizations in Miami-Dade County teamed up to help some of the more than 100,000 Venezuelan migrants who have about four days to reapply for Temporary Protected Status.

President Joe Biden’s administration extended the TPS for Venezuelans in September, but it isn’t automatic the migrants who had TPS protection must reapply before Nov. 7.

An estimated 550,000 Venezuelans have moved to the United States since 2015, but only those who arrived before March of last year qualified for the 18-month protection.

Bellalyn Bernal moved to Miami-Dade on Feb. 21, 2014, and she was among the Venezuelans who benefited from a free event hosted by Miami-Dade County on Thursday and Friday.

“I am very grateful for this country,” Bernal said in Spanish.

Juan Salcedo, The Office of New Americans of Miami-Dade’s coordinator, said the goal is to make sure that every Venezuelan who applied for the TPS when it became available for the first time in March reapplies.

“Privative immigration attorneys sometimes charge up to $1,000 for these applications,” Salcedo said. “Today we are doing this for free.”

Salcedo recommended those who are in need of assistance visit The Office of New Americans page to make an appointment.

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