Miami drug deal gone wrong: Murder suspect survives shooting; brother, step-brother die, police say

When Miami officers were recently investigating a fatal shooting in Miami’s Liberty City, they reported finding a two-year-old girl chewing on a black and mild cigar inside a parked white Mercedes-Benz.

The girl was behind the passenger-side seat, which had a black AR-15 rifle. She was next to a one-year-old boy who was behind a driver’s seat that had blood. They were alone and not in car seats.

The children were related to Shamauri Miner, 28, who was at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Friday, and Shariff Miner Jr., who died on Wednesday near the intersection of Northwest 10th Avenue and Northwest 46th Street. He was 31.

According to Officer Michael Vega, a spokesman for the Miami Police Department, the shooting was related to a drug deal gone wrong. It also involved the Miner brothers’ step-brother Sheldon Finley, Jr., who also died in the shooting.

Finley, who was unarmed, had $10,000 in cash and a “bookie” ticket, police said.

Shamauri Miner suffered a gunshot wound to the hand that night and told a social worker at the hospital that he was defending himself from a robber, according to the arrest report. Detectives arrested him at Jackson Memorial Hospital on Thursday night.

Officers seized a green Glock 23 and a black Glock 19. Shamauri Miner is being held without bond. He is facing charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, attempted armed robbery, and child neglect.


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