Miami Gardens family loses everything in house fire

A house fire reignited in Miami Gardens on Monday, two days after the home was initially burnt by the flames.

The family of six who lives inside the home has been left trying to salvage what is left. They are in desperate need of basic necessities, clothes and a place to stay.

Chantel Milgram, her mother, sister, and her three small kids were all at a water park on Saturday when their neighbors alerted them that their house caught fire.

“There are no words to explain it, it’s your whole life going down the drain, all your hard work,” Milgram said.

The family says it was an FPL cable that was loose and sparked the blaze.

“The cable from FPL caught on fire and put the fire on the back of the house,” Milgram said.

Fire fighters had quite a battle, and they had to return to the home on Northwest 4th Avenue several times to put out hot spots.

“It’s been two days they have been trying to control the fire,” Milgram said.

Milgram is thankful her family is safe, but now they need to find a new place to stay and at the moment they are relying on the kindness of their neighbors.

“We lost everything. To see that you have no shoes or underwear for your children, it’s very painful,” she said. “Anyone that can help us with anything, shoes, clothes for the kids, that’s most important for us right now. The adults we can survive a little bit.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family, and the link can be found by clicking here.

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