Miami police chief Art Acevedo faces questioning from commissioners

On Monday, Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo is scheduled to appear before city commissioners at 10 a.m. to face questioning about his performance.

In a special meeting, the commission is going to talk about their concerns during his short time as chief.

The commission has no power to remove Acevedo but can make a recommendation of removal.

Acevedo’s five months as chief have been marred in controversy.

He made recent headlines for a comment about the “Cuban mafia running Miami police,” a term used by late Cuban leader Fidel Castro referring to Cuban exiles.

Acevedo issued an apology.

Commissioner Joe Carollo has been candid about his displeasure with Acevedo.

“I’ll be darned if I’m going to let a new transplant come here and think that he could do whatever the heck he wants to do, or say and act like he’s got now bosses whatsoever,” Carollo said.

Ahead of Monday’s meeting, trucks were seen in Coconut Groves saying “Art Acevedo, the LeBron James of self-promotion.”

Another read: “He was sued by sex assault survivors for not taking rape seriously.”

Acevedo was previously Houston’s top cop, and he was appointed to lead Miami’s department in March.

Acevedo’s arrival was met with objections from the start, with city insiders saying commissioners feel they should have played a bigger role in hiring the chief.

In July, the commission voted 4-1 to change the charter and take the reigns to hire a chief, which is done by the city manager.

Former FOP president Javier Ortiz pointed out some positives about Acevedo.

“This is the only chief of police that I am aware of in my career that has advocated to give us raises and understands the treatment between us and Miami-Dade police,” Ortiz said.

There’s also a petition online calling for Acevedo to remain chief.

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