Missing South Florida teen found after meeting up with stranger she met online

Nearly two days after she first went missing, 15-year-old Jeimy Henrriquez was found by North Miami Beach police on Sunday after leaving her home with someone she met online.

Detectives say she met the person on Saturday through a video game called “Fire Max.”

Before she was found, Henrriquez’s mother told Local 10 News that her daughter called her several times crying.

“She said, ‘Don’t tell police,’ and ‘This is no one’s fault,’” Ana Quintanilla said. “She regrets leaving.”

The teen even called her mother during her interview with Local 10 News, but quickly hung up.

Police pinged Henrriquez’s cellphone and located it in North Carolina.

Henrriquez’s mother said her daughter also called her on Saturday, saying she was hungry, cold and far away.

While Henrriquez has now been found, police have yet to say who she was with and whether that person will face any charges.

On Sunday, her mother said she was in fear for her daughter’s safety.

“I worry she could be in danger,” Quintanilla said.

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