Orange County Sheriff’s office releases never before seen Miya Marcano crime scene photos

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released a 135-page report that has never before seen crime photos and possibly the last known image of Miya Marcano,19, alive.

Marciano disappeared from her Orlando apartment in September of 2021.

A little more than a week later the teen’s body was found in a wooded area of Orlando.

Police discovered she was bound by duct tape.

“It’s something that will play in my mind over and over,” said Marlon Marcano, Miya’s father. “Throughout every day, so many memories.”

Marlon Marcano spoke to Local 10 News on Tuesday, reflecting, through tears, on his daaughter’s life and how it tragically ended.

“My mind is just left to wander,” he said. “I go through the motions, day by day.”

The only suspect in her death, a maintenance man had used a key fob to enter her apartment shortly before her disappearance. days later he killed himself.

One of the photo’s from the report shows the window to Marcano’s bedroom open, blinds disheveled, and her room in disarray, which her family said from the start was not like her.

Police also found a small piece of furniture propped up against the teen’s bedroom door.

A still frame from surveillance video shows Marcano leaving work before walking to her apartment.

Officers searched the suspect’s car and found black duct tape with pieces of hair that later came back to belong to Marcano.

Macano was a Flanagan High School graduate and had moved to Orlando to attend school.

Police say the suspect in her death made romantic advances toward her that were repeatedly denied.

His death would leave Marcano’s family with questions that may never be answered, hoping someone out there may be able to fill in the blanks.

“Anybody who can give me some sort of answers, I am taking it,” Marlon Marcano said.

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