People take to streets of Cuba and Miami, demanding freedom for struggling island nation

Major and historic changes could be on the horizon in Cuba. According to various posts on social media, hundreds of Cubans took to the streets in the island nation to protest against the government of Miguel Díaz Canel on Sunday.

In the posts, you can see and hear the Cubans marching and shouting “Patria y Vida” o “Queremos vacunas” y “Libertad, ” “We want vaccines” and “We want freedom.”

Along #Havana’s #malecon people #protest then conflict breaks out. The person filming says the crowd turns against #police officers. @WPLGLocal10 #SOSCuba #Cuba

— Hatzel Vela (@HatzelVelaWPLG) July 11, 2021

South Florida’s Cuban exile community came together on Southwest 8th Street in Little Havana, in front of Cafe Versailles restaurant to show their support for those on the island.

Desde el @VersaillesMiami en Miami, el exilio cubano protesta en apoyo los que salieron a las calles en Cuba. #SOSCuba #SosMatanzas

— Norges Rodríguez (@norges14) July 11, 2021

This comes as an outbreak of COVID-19 cases was announced this week in the Matanzas province and the recent economic crisis and the collapse of health institutions come to a head.

Hundreds of Cubans were seen marching and chanting near Havana, Artemisa and Sanitago de Cuba.

President Miguel Diaz Canel said he was “willing to do anything” and called on “revolutionaries across the country” to “mobilize and stop these provocations.”

He once again blamed the United States for being behind the protests, saying: “Let no one be in any doubt, they want to create an incident to justify an intervention.”

.@DiazCanelB: “La orden de combate está dada: a la calle, los revolucionarios”

¿Combate? ¿Serio?

— Monik (@m0n1kfs) July 11, 2021Read More

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